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I am driven by the passion to write and have spent the last 16 years as a freelance content writer, India. As of now, I devote my time to freelance content writing on a full-time basis. I can create content in US English, UK English as well as Australian English. As a freelance content writer india, I can develop content on relationships, dating, crafts, travel, watches, jewelry, beauty and real estate. Basically, you can ask me to write on anything under the sun.

Contact me at - soumidc@gmail.com 

My content writing specializes in the following:

  • Articles
  • Review writing (Amazon Review, Clickbank reviews and more )
  • Blog posts
  • Travel Writing/Posts
  • E- Books,
  • Novella

I spend substantial amount of time reading on various subjects, as I like to stay updated as to what is going on in the world today. I try to incorporate all my new found knowledge in my writing. I offer original and well researched content which are fully SEO optimized. The payment methods are fairly easy and above all my rates are very affordable. I prefer creating meaningful content, as a freelance copywriter that serves your purpose well.  

With Regards,
Soumi Das Chatterjee.


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