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Well it is not easy to describe myself in a few words! However I can give it a go.I am a freelance content writer, an SEO writer, a technical writer and a blogger by profession.   I am from Kolkata which happens to be the capital of the state of West Bengal. It was formerly known as Calcutta. I stay in the southern part of the city with my family. My core family consists of my dearest husband (who by now you all must know is a marine officer), my sweet mother (now a homemaker and dedicated to us), my dad (retired Bharat Petroleum, DM) and my lovely sister (working). Besides this bunch I have a new string attached the family side called in-laws. Thanks to my husband.

Me – I am simple girl, like living life the way it comes and I get extremely happy to take on the everyday challenges. I learn from these challenges and gather experiences that make living worth.

Apart from Kolkata, I was raised up in Delhi, the capital of India, Ranchi, now in Jharkhand and many other small as well as big towns to name a few. I like shifting a lot and have just migrated to my present abode a year back. I like to be dynamic and my father’s transferable job has actually taught me how to adapt to different kinds of environment and situations as well.

Owing to my daddy’s job, I have studied in 13 educational institutions! The longest affair was with JU (Jadavpur University) as I completed my graduation plus my post graduation from this esteemed university. Those 5 years were the most important years of my life.

What else? My favorite color is yellow, favorite actress is Julia Roberts and favorite actors are Leonardo Dicaprio, Robert Pattinson, and Robert De Niro.

That is all from me as for now. Let me know what more would you like to know about me.








This is my personal blog, so the opinions expressed here represent my own thoughts and seriously no one else’s. Secondly I only advertise, I take no guarantee of the products! Trust me!

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