Drawing my admiration for healthy relationships

The two mamost important people in my life who have made a difference in my life are my mother and my husband. That is correct one parent and the other one is my life more than a partner. Relationships like these can help anyone improve constantly. These two have always been there whenever I have needed them the most. They have influenced my life in an optimistic way as their presence makes me feel comfortable and their positive vibes help me keep focused. I call these healthy relationships without a doubt.

Well this does not mean that they always take my side and encourage blindly what I do. They question me as I know they have the right to do that, they correct when I am going wrong, and explain things in a logical manner to me. The best part about their love towards me is that they do not love me blindly and neither do I. Yes of course this means we have differences as well that we talk over and sort them out.

I have a different kind of a relationship with my mother, who I have grown up with. She believes that she too has grown up with me and at the same time she has learned parenting on her own. She describes this process to be the most fascinating process of her life and I call mine to be an experience of a lifetime. When I was growing up I did not know how parents make compromises to make us happy, especially mothers, but now I know. I value her more as a matter of fact. 

On the othetuksr hand, I have known my husband for approximately for a decade now. I have seen the way he has changed for me. Irrespective of the fact that we have been married for only 3 years, his commitment towards me has increased of course, but the bond that we share is completely different. We are friends more than a husband and wife. This has no wonder, made it easy for me to live in a new family and in a new surrounding like a breeze. So much for love and marriage.

The biggest reason why both these people are so close to my heart is that they are selfless, helping, all forgiving, and inexorable. This energy makes them strong and I draw my inspiration from there. All this matters to me the most as this makes me feel I still have a chance to learn and there is always room for improvement. There is no denying the fact that this keeps me going and rest assured this makes me a better person.


Soumi Das Chatterjee

A writer who can communicate with people about their social relationships and guide them in the right direction with their present relationships. I do this by using story telling and give my readers a break from time by inspiring them take vacations through my travel based posts.

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