Build healthy relationships for a successful marriage

Have you ever wondered about what are the ingredients of a successful marriage? Well if you have not till now, would it too much to My favask you to think about it? I don’t’ think there is any harm in discussing that as nowadays we are so much engrossed with stories of broken marriages that we would like to hear some positive features that can make a marriage tick. A few of us may want to know the secret recipe that can make a marriage survive all the ills of time that tests our stability.

This article revolves around the possibilities of how can you make a marriage work in a creative way. In fact there is nothing called a secret ingredient that can make a marriage succeed. The ingredient is in your own hands which is more about situation handling and moving on by building healthy relationships. Here are a few ways by which you can make the difference (according to me). It is not important that you have to agree with me, but in my short span of 7 years of conjugal life I have learnt these few things that are discussed as follows.

The first thing you need to do is to put in all your efforts to make your partner believe in the bond that you two have made. Yes marriage is a bond between to individuals that should be well understood and then invested in with care. In order to make your partner believe in this, you need to nurture trust in a relationship. Remember this is a subtle fact that cannot be expressed through words but by behavior. 

We have been taught that the institution of marriage is a social contract between two people. Have you ever thought about this discourse from any other perspective? Okay, the truth I have found is a meaning that is completely different from what we think of it. This social contract to me indicates a connection that can be termed as friendship. Now, you may agree with me as this simplification can add a brand new definition to the institution of marriage. To make things simple I would like mention here that companionship should be the base of marriage. This can solve many a problem if two people can understand each other like friends. 
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In relation to this it needs to be stated that you can communicate with your partner freely like a friend that can bring all the change. Treat your partner like a friend and things will become easier. Nevertheless, do not forget that you need to know your boundaries while doing so. This means respect your spouse like a friend but maintain a line of respect as he or she is your better. 

Setting restrictions symbolize that you are ready to give them the required space as well. This is very important which comes next to communication. Both these aspects can come to you naturally if and only if you think your cohort to be a friend more than a spouse. Along with this a dash of love more than they need and a sprinkle of sex for your marriage to succeed.

Soumi Das Chatterjee

A writer who can communicate with people about their social relationships and guide them in the right direction with their present relationships. I do this by using story telling and give my readers a break from time by inspiring them take vacations through my travel based posts.

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