My weight loss story


I think at least half of the women will agree with me on this and believe me this is my weight loss story that even I feel sorry about. In fact I have come across many posts in recent times that reveal similar plights faced by women across the world. I don’t know how better to explain the sorry state at least that I am in. Have look, laugh, enjoy and share if you really liked it 🙂

This is what has happened to me after 6 years of a blissful married life and the weighing machines really look kind of scary to me and the weighing scales clearly deny me a ride. Yes so blessed am I that even my toddler has learnt the “fat” and the moment she utters it…..she simply looks at me and calls “Mommy” which is actually the synonym of word for her. OMG

So I went to a doctor, of course to seek some “medical” advice….but to my dismay this is what was to happen.

Me: Heyiiii, Doc….I need to lose weight (like in pounds of this mound)


My understanding was super exciting, so I tried something adventurous….ahhhhh a superb idea struck me…..this is what happened next:


Next day when I went for the riding session:



The abandoned treadmill at my house:


Result: I am still the same old “fat mommy” 🙁

Feel free to suggest ways to lose weight healthily through the comments box 🙂

On a serious note you can find something relevant in this article for sure.

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