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Dear Readers,

Please accept my apologies for not having written for soooooo long. To be honest all mommies will agree with me on this, that a new mommy has a lot to do for her newborn. Not only because the baby needs care and tending; but also for the fact that new mommies really do not know much about anything at all (of course there exceptions, but clearly I was not one of them…hihihi). So I have been no exception to this just like many of my dear readers. Yes I had to learn a lot (still learning), take responsibility and even clean a lot (phewwwww).


Then I thought, today I will write about my experiences with the little one. This is because I have not dedicated any post to her yet. Well I have not been able to scribble much for pleasure. The reason being, there was no fixed time to her waking up and sleeping. Much to my surprise as against the good advice of the doctor, noooooo I can’t sleep whenever she sleeps. Heyi I have a house to manage doc! I just couldn’t.


The best thing about this whole process – Yes but one thing has to be highlighted here that my husband has been a pillar of strength for me all this while. He had changed her diapers more than I and yes he is too good with her. She kept us awake all nights for no less than 1 and a half year and all this while my hubby dearest had been nothing but patient and kind to both of us. I don’t know how he managed to keep his calm. Honestly I lost it many a time. Call it the hormonal change or whatever you may like. I have cried, shouted, created a scene and what not, but to my utter surprise he was the one who kept on saying “honey this is a phase and you will get over it!” Imagine that now.


Inference based on phase That marriage had made stronger (touchwood) because like my mother, HE had been an amazing guide and friend for the past 6 years. As far as my angel is concerned, she is a quick learner and has taught me more than any other teacher ever had. Yes life has changed and it is for good. From broken and half empty relationships, running after mirages to falling prey to evil (if really you know what I mean). Now that I assess my past and present I have realized that motherhood is nothing but a blessing. I am lucky to have gone through all the pain and learnt one thing out of all this that she is mine and I am hers. This is the truth and this is the only true truth that Mother Nature too accepts. The bond is growing and I hope to keep it like that by leaving spaces to breathe. Yes this is very important in any relationship and a mother-daughter relation is no different to this. We need to show respect in order to get it back and I guess this is one way of earning it from our kids.


P.S. This is my way; feel free to share your motherhood experiences with me via the comment box 🙂


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