The Chocolate Thief


Everyone likes chocolates and there is nothing to hide about it. I recall a distinct incident that took place 10 years ago and I still feel the pangs somewhere inside me. This is a true incident that had happened way back in the year….mmm…..some time in 2005. I somehow feel responsible for this whole episode and even to this day. Although I really don’t know how much I am to be blamed for this, yet this was a mistake on my part and today I want to share this unique incident with you all. My readers give me the strength to face reality and somehow I manage to come out in the open with my feelings.

Let me just begin about what exactly happened over a short span of time and why I still feel guilty about the whole thing. Was it my fault? Hope to get some response from you all through the comments section again 🙂










You can even watch a short video here:

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